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Turant Buy and Sell is a trademark product of Overexpose Technology Pvt. Ltd. based in Dehradun established in March 2021, providing services locally and many other districts of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and extending the business PAN India. Although Turant Buy and Sell Web and Mobile Application has launched PAN India, our support services may be limited to some cities but soon be filled with the growing pace of this project.

Turant Buy and Sell offers Individuals, Services (Individual or Business), and mainstream business holders to boost their business at a very low price. Posting Ads on Turant Buy and Sell costs only Rs.20* and Rs. 40* respectively. Turant Buy and Sell covers almost all the types or categories that are available. Since we're working regularly to maintain the quality, User Experience, Application UI, etc., anything that we may have missed will be updated soon as we could notice.

Turant Buy and Sell provide options for additional Ads that are displayed just like "Google Ads" or any other ads or sponsored section provided in other social media platforms. Pricing and plans for Ad Banners are available at a low cost that can be discussed with our team via Email or Call. Also, users can select the available package on the website or app and can start the membership right away.

* Note: See plans and pricing for Ad posting packages. #Link – Plans and Pricing

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